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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Clear sensible scientific balanced and reliable

This is a new blog from me,  Paul Glover. It is primarily intended as an occasional portal for comments on the shale gas in the UK and around the world.

The purpose of this blog is to answer current important questions concerning the development of shale gas in the UK with balanced factual responses that are supported by evidence and experience.

The important thing is that the comments should be:
Balanced and

So, who am I?

I am the Professor of Petrophysics at Leeds University, UK. Petrophysics is the study of the physical properties of rocks - porosity, permeability, fluid content and so on, and it is used in the oil industry, but also in geothermal, water resources, remediation of pollution in the ground, safe storage of toxic and radioactive wastes, mechanisms that cause earthquakes to occur, volcanoes to erupt, and so on. I feel that I am well qualified to comment in a scientific and balanced way on the Earth and Environmental aspects of shale gas, particularly as I have supervised research students studying it, and have made numerous presentations to groups on the subject.

In addition I have an unsalaried advisory post with a Canadian oil and gas company that has been interested in shale gas in the past. That probably makes me unique - an unbiased scientist with an insight into how the industry thinks and works.

The plan is to write short informative articles about contentious aspects of shale gas in the UK.

My initial list of titles is as follows, but will no doubt be expanded, and will appear in no particular order.

Fracking can and will contaminate aquifers

Fracking can and will cause earthquakes

Fracking uses too much water

Fracking fluids are dangerously toxic

Fracking fluids cannot be recycled in an environmentally responsible fashion

Fracked shale gas wells will pepper the countryside with unsightly eyesores

The development of fracked wells will overload road access with heavy goods vehicles

There is insufficient regulation for fracking to be carried out safely in the UK

Shale gas is better for the environment than other forms of energy

Shale gas exploitation will provide jobs and stimulate the economy

Shale gas exploitation has to be started now if we are to reap its benefits


      I hope you feel more informed and better capable of making decisions related to shale gas exploitation in the light of this blog. 

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