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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Why "All Gas and Gaiters"?

This title is appealing because it has been used in two senses.

Originally, the phrase ALL IS GAS AND GAITERS first appeared in Dickens’ Nicolas Nickleby.It was spoken by a mad old man who was courting Mrs. Nickleby, having arrived down her chimney in his underwear. The wording is nonsensical, but carries the implication that everything is more than satisfactory. The expression caught on and became a popular 19th-century interjection which continues to have its original positive meaning.

After all, Shale gas might be beneficial for the UK if developed sensibly and for the good of all.

However, in the late 19th century an additional and negative meaning gained ground. The expression came to be applied to bishops and other church dignitaries, a reference to their traditional GAITERS and to the seeming GAS many exuded with their ‘facile eloquence,’ pompous sermonizing, and meaningless verbiage. But the expression soon began to be applied in a general derogatory description of what is produced by any variety of pompous and ill-informed commentator.

While no one would suggest that The Church of England is the target of this blog, and it is hoped that the contents of this blog do not fall into the category of facile eloquence (this is a dash of humility inspired by Pope Francis). The growth of ill-informed and often completely wrong information that is peddled daily about shale gas from all sides continues unabated.

It is hoped that All Gas and Gaiters will fulfill is aim to offer an accurate, sensible and rational approach to the shale gas debate that is supported by scientific evidence.

Of course, the comments the blog contains are solely the opinions of Prof. Glover and are not endorsed by any other person or organisation, nor has Prof. Glover ever been paid to make them public by any person or organisation.

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