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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Opinion: The Two Minute Rule

In response to my last posting some have said that they are not addicts to oil and gas. With, respect, this is twaddle - we are all addicts. Without oil and gas we would be no better off than a primitive tribe.

There would be no transport, no health service, no communications. Every article of modern life would be missing, radically different, much more expensive and difficult to obtain. Our life would be rural rather than urban, and there would be no aspiration to equality and liberty, merely to survival.

Is this harsh? Perhaps. But be careful before one signs up to the renewables mantra. It will not arrive for 100 years and depends upon rare earth elements such as gallium and neodymium that produce toxic and radioactive waste every bit as dangerous for the environment as what renewables are supposed to be replacing.

I could list all those things that require oil or gas to make or transport, but that would be a very long and boring list.

Instead, try the TWO MINUTE TEST - Stop yourself every two minutes and write down the first thing that you see. I will guarantee that it will be made from oil or gas or depend upon it in some way (transport, manufacturing tools etc.).

Try it for one hour (30 items) - it gives a perspective that is missing in our modern urban lives - then decide what you can do without, and recycle it.

(Please send your Two Minute Test lists of 30 items to and I will collate and analyse the data.)


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